My name is Alan Saunders, an aspiring professional wildlife photographer. I live in Stockport, Cheshire on the outskirts of some great wildlife country, with the peak district just an hours drive away.          

I am highly influenced by one of the worlds great wildlife photographers BEN HALL who, little does he know, has inspired me into this field of photography. Little did I know how difficult it was going to be, which makes what BEN HALL does all the more admirable.          

Wildlife photography is an obsession of mine and I use all of my free time going out trying to capture wildlife, It's one of the most rewarding areas of photography. You don't always get it right, but that's what makes photography great. At present, I seem to be concentrating on wild bird photography, which this website depicts more than any other wildlife at the moment.I prefer to take photographs of birds in flight rather than a portrait or the bird just sitting on something. Its more of a challenge to get a good shot of a bird in flight at great speed than motionless, it also makes the shot look more dramatic. Bird photography is not easy by any means and when you spend all day from the early hours of the morning trying to get THE shot its very rewarding when you finally get it. Just getting one good shot out of a full days photography is rewarding and makes the day worth it. 

Though this site has Landscapes, Seascapes, Motorsport, Portraits, Aviation and Night photography, my true passion and what I do the most of, is Wildlife Photography, this is my main port of call, Wildlife comes first!!      

If there is a particular photograph you have in mind of a particular subject, give me a call or send me an email with your request and I will see if it is possible. I am quite willing to go on assignments for people to get shots that they have in mind for there particular projects or publications they are working on.       

I do presentations for camera clubs and bird watching and natural history societies. This I enjoy doing and hopefully I will be doing a lot more in the future. I also want to be doing a lot more exhibitions, so if you think me a suitable candidate for an exhibition, please contact me.

Mobile: 07803 508522

Love Dairybox!!!!